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How to choose and what should the warehouse system (WMS) meet?


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Modern logistics centers that want to meet customer needs while maintaining profitability need sophisticated support. Demands for speed and accuracy of processes while maintaining economic efficiency are constantly increasing. All this is no longer possible today without a top WMS, ideally containing IoT elements and clear performance reporting with notification of discrepancies.

Rudolf Malý, ALog.

Logistics Auditor and Vice President for Education at the Logistics Academy

How to effectively manage your logistics?

Invest in a quality WMS!

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a software that monitors and manages the daily operation of your warehouse. It is a basic prerequisite for the so-called controlled warehouse, where the handling of each product is algorithmically optimized on the basis of data.

Based on information from the WMS, logistics managers can, for example, identify weaknesses in operations and subsequently adjust work procedures. Generally speaking, WMS is a guide for everyday tasks as well as long-term strategic goals.

What are the benefits of WMS?

The implementation of WMS initially represents a high initial investment, however, by using it correctly you will reduce your total logistics costs. The warehouse system implies, for example:

  • More accurate inventory numbers

  • More efficient order processing

  • Higher warehouse productivity

  • Reduction of intralogistics costs

  • Information for strategic decisions

  • More likely business growth

Is there any other option?

In the Czech Republic, following the example of Western countries and the USA, the possibility of logistics outsourcing, or so-called external fulfillment, is increasingly emerging. Is this a cheaper option? How is it possible to compare your total logistics costs with this service? What are the benefits of fulfillment and is logistics outsourcing a suitable solution for your business?

These and other questions will be answered by our e-book, which can be downloaded free of charge here!

3 basic tips for choosing a WMS


Connection with your e-shop

Choose a WMS that is able to automatically, bilaterally and in real time transfer all relevant data with your e-shop platform.


Compatibility with your storage equipment

Make sure the WMS you purchase is compatible with all your storage equipment, such as scanners, terminals, printers, scales, and other hardware devices.


Demonstrable ROI

Before you buy, try to find out the time and financial savings of the purchased software. How much will the accuracy and speed of order picking, the accuracy of inventory records, or how much will you save on average per month?


"In order to be able to manage your warehouse flexibly, efficiently and with quality, you need a tool that will be able to provide it for you. Look for WMS. When set up correctly, you can manage warehouse processes autonomously and, in addition, gain access to your intralogistics reports. You are thus able to identify weaknesses in the process, and through subsequent optimization steps you will gradually increase the speed and reliability in delivering orders to your customers."

Max Kovář,

CLO Skladon

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